Meet Denise our Yoga Teacher

We asked some questions to Denise our Yoga Teacher.

Name : Denise

From: Melbourne, Australia

Role at Sandycamps: Yoga teacher

Short description of yourself and your life before Sandycamps?

I am constantly seeking new experiences. I am in love with yoga (obviously) and everything about the practice (physical, mental and spiritual) I love to learn new things. I am a massive foodie, I love trying new cuisines everyday. Before Sandycamps I was combining all of the things I just mentioned on a road trip exploring new countries, practicing yoga & eating with one friend through the EU.

Words to live by?

‘There is nowhere to go but everywhere so just keep rolling under the stars.’ - My favourite writer Jack Kerouac where all of my inspiration to travel came from.

What is your favourite thing about traveling?

My favourite thing about traveling is the difference in Landscape from country to country. I love nature, wide open spaces and wild terrain. I love to find myself in the quiet spaces of nature in a new country and marvel at how some places in nature can look so wildly diverse but feel so familiar.