Imsouane Bay - The longest waves of Morocco

Also called "Magic Bay" or simply "The Bay", Imsouane's bay famous surf spot has remained a secret for a long time. Because it is unique and remote, surfers from Morocco and foreigner travelers have kept this spot secret for years until it became famous with social media development.

In fact, Imsouane is a relatively remote location and there aren’t many transport options available to reach it so the spot stayed "secret" for many years.

This is the place we opened our first Sandycamps surf camp back in 2016.

The wave, perfect for progressing is one of the longest waves in all of Africa. It has smooth long waves that rarely gets messy or big. It is ideal for surfers from beginner to advanced levels because it peels over soft sand for 700 meters.

As a longboarders heaven, many famous professional longborders are travelling to Imsouane during the winter season to practice their technique.