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surf spots of peniche

peniche surf spot guide

Most surf spots in Peniche break over sand. Therefore, Peniche is a great destination to learn to surf in Portugal and to improve your skills. This is especially true during summer, when the waves are smaller.


Peniche is blessed with dozens of surf spots that work on all different tides, winds (often offshore), swell directions, wave sizes and tides. The waves are good for every level : those learning to surf and also those with years of experience riding waves. 


It's one of Europe's most consistent place to surf waves on any tide. This area is the perfect place to stay for surf holidays. Even with the biggest winter swells there are always some protected spots.

Peniche is also renowned for its world-famous Supertubos beach, which hosts the prestigious WSL competitions. Whether you're into surfing, bodyboarding, or windsurfing, this area is the place to be in Europe. 

Baleal and Peniche also offers the opportunity to visit the Berlengas archipelago, reachable by an exciting boat trip. These islands provide a fascinating historical backdrop. Regarded as a Nature Reserve, the natural beauty of this small Portuguese archipelago is incredible, as it is a paradisiacal place and a must-see.

Moreover, Peniche and Baleal boasts a magnificent coastline characterized by its rugged rocks, cliffs, and the beautiful vast expanse of the Atlantic Ocean.

Below we're only showing the most famous surf spots close to Sandycamps Surf House. In fact there are a lot more surf spots in the area to discover!

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The closest spot to Sandycamps Surf House: you just need to cross the street and you find yourself at one of the most famous surf spot of Peniche.


Ultra consistent and surfable on any tide, this is a perfect place to set up camp for a whole day of surfing. As good for those learning to surf at it is for those with years of experience riding waves

cantinho da bahia baleal.jpg

Largely recognized as one of the best spot on the northern side of Peniche, in Baleal. It is on the other side of Cantinho Da Bahia. The wave is situated next to Prainha surf spot.


This is mainly a left handed wave, but it has a right handed peak, too. It requires some experience to surf this wave. Lagide is offshore in a southerly wind. It’s unusually mellow for a reef break with a gentle take-off and long rides. 


You don’t need to stay salty, because there is a shower just next to the beach.


Prainha is a rally nice sandy beach between the Baleal Island and Lagide surf spot. The beach has a beautiful scenery, with lots of beach bars, cool atmosphere and snacks to charge your energy after the surf session.


Prainha has consistent easy right and left handed waves. There is a sandy bottom, but be careful about few stones in the middle of the beach. Working at all tides, the best might be at the half-tide. It's a really good surf spot to catch your first waves!


One of the secret beauties of the Portuguese coast. Praia da Almagreira is a beach break with right and left waves. This beach is famous for its wonderful cliffs and colors. The best waves and surf conditions for Almagreira is a clean north / west swell in combination with south / east wind. The surf then is just perfect with great long easy waves to ride from the peak to the shore. Almagreira works at all tides, but the best is from the middle tide rising to high tide.

A beach so long that it is impossible not to find something to ride. Ultra consistent and surfable on any tide with multiple peaks and waves. It's a swell magnet beach which offers year-round waves for surfers of all abilities. Meio da Bahia (middle of the bay) is always a great place to head for when searching for quality waves. It has many peaks and works from mid tide to high tide. It has lefts and rights sandy bottom peaks. Ideal for all levels of surfers.

Meio da baia.jpg

Praia de Cerro is a sandy beach with cool vibes and consistent waves all around the year. At the opposite side of the bay coming from Sandycamps Surf House, it has nice left and right wave peaks, breaking on a sandy bottom. The best wind direction is from the south-southwest. Most of the surf here comes from groundswells and the ideal swell direction is from the north-northwest.

As you move closer to the centre of the bay, the waves get punchier and can be overhead.

The queen of the area, best beach-break of Portugal and probably Europe. Often referred as the European Pipeline, this wave is fast, very powerful and always barreling. Some combination of the shallow slope, north wind and ocean currents give rise to a tall, perfectly hollow wave that is the ultimate spot for surfing and bodyboarding. The predominant direction is left, but the wave actually works in both directions. Southern swells help it hold up. 

For experienced surfers only...

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