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general questions

where is sandycamps ?

Sandycamps is in the quiet fishing village of Imsouane, 80 km north of Agadir and 85 km south of Essaouira. We are 1h30 from both airports, and only 2-3 hours for most of European airports. It is the ideal surf destination all-year-long for a total change of scenery, 300 days of sunshine per year, and perfect waves. 

how do i get to sandycamps ?

To facilitate your arrival in Imsouane, we recommend you to fly to Agadir or Essaouira. Agadir is serviced by many airline companies from most of the European cities. Once you have arrived, you can either take, by your own means, a taxi to Imsouane (price must be negotiated directly with the taxi driver), or arrange your transfer with us while booking your stay on our website. 

Which airline company to choose ? 

Many low-cost airline companies operate regular flights between Europe and Morocco. You'll find a lot of compagnies flying to Agadir,  Marrakech or Essaouira.

The flight tickets can be very cheap, although they vary with the seasons. We recommend you to consult booking websites like Skyscanner, Expedia, or search engines as DuckDuckGo, to find the best prices. 

when can i arrive ? 

The arrival day should be on Saturday. The minimum stay is 5 days.

at what time can i arrive ?

You can arrive any time between 8 am and 8 pm. If you arrive later, we will send you all the information you need to get to your room.

Is the price of the flight ticket included in your packages ?

No, the price of the flight ticket is not included in our rates. You should arrange for yourself the reservation and payment of your flight ticket to come to Morocco. We do not take charge of your travel to and from Morocco.  

Do I need a visa to come to Morocco ? 

European Union citizens do not need a visa to come to Morocco, for a stay up to 3 months. You need a passport with a minimal validity of 6 months at your departure date from Morocco. For example, if you leave Morocco on the 1st of February, your passport must be valid until the 1st of August of the same year.

If you are not a European citizen, we invite you to visit the Moroccan Consulate website to verify if you need a visa and IF YES, the documents required:

Do I need an insurance ?

We do not insure you during your stay at Sandycamps. Any person booking a stay at Sandycamps must subscribe to a travel insurance and a civil liability, that covers the entire duration of the stay,  a travels and medical care, before the arrival and until the return.

By booking a stay with us, you acknowledge that you have personally subscribed to an insurance covering your travel/medical care/accidents and a civil liability for the entire duration of your stay. We shall not be held accountable in any way, and will not accept any responsibility or any obligation for the loss or deterioration of personal belongings, financial loss, accident, disease, fault, delay or prejudice to yourself or a third party, occurring on your way to SANDYCAMPS, during your stay, and your return. Tip : World Nomads

What is the local currency and where can I change money ? 

The currency in Morocco is the Moroccan Dirham.

1€ = 11 Moroccan Dirhams approximately. Dirhams cannot be changed for other currencies outside of Morocco.

Imsouane is a small village and there are no banks or ATMs to withdraw money. At your arrival in Morocco, you can change money at the exchange office of the airport where you land, for your entire stay. Exchange rates are roughly the same everywhere in Morocco. For your own daily expenses, count about 10€ per day, keeping in mind that the services not listed in our packages are at your own cost (Day trips, drinks, etc.). Payments can be made in Dirhams or Euros at Sandycamps.   

Can I come with my family and children ? 

Children are welcome at Sandycamps. They nevertheless remain under the sole responsibility of their parents, who must look after them during the entire stay even at the beach as we don't have dedicated surf instructors to look after them. We cannot give surf lesson under 16 year.

Which language is spoken in Morocco ? 

The official language of Morocco is Arabic. The inhabitants of Imsouane are Berber and speak their own dialect, as well as Arabic, and for a large majority French, sometimes English or Spanish.

At Sandycamps, we speak fluently French, English, Spanish and Arabic!

Can I use my mobile phone in Morocco ? 

Almost all European telephone operators have Moroccan partners. Before your departure, we recommend checking or contacting your operator to have all the necessary information and pricing policies applied abroad to avoid bad surprises back home. 

can i connect to internet/wifi and where ?

Imsouane is a small village, away from modern infrastructures. In our camp we have a WIFI connection in the commun areas of the hostel and surf house (reception, restaurant, bar, pool area) Our connection is usually good to consult and answer messages, emails, whatsapp/messenger calls, etc., but is not recommended for streaming or to download movies. You can also easily buy a 3g sim card in the village and charge internet for few euros)

What are the electrical outlets and voltage in Morocco ? 

We use 220-Volts outlets with European standard power sockets, type C.

Can I drink tap water ?

No! We advise you not to drink tap water. You can however safely use it to brush your teeth, shower, etc. To drink, you can buy water bottles at the hostel, in our restaurant in the village, or in local stores. 

What should I bring in my luggage ? 

Bathing suits, summer clothes during day time (shorts, t-shirts,…), hat or cap, sunglasses, sunscreen (waterproof IP50), beach towels and bag, light shoes, and some warm clothes for the evenings (sweater, pants, closed shoes, etc.). Between December and February, evenings can be colder. And don't forget to bring clothes adapted to the activities you have planned (yoga, hiking,...)


Note: Morocco is an Islamic moderate country. Values and traditions should be respected. Women and men can dress normally (shorts, dress, t-shirt or bathing suit on the beach) but provocative clothing and nudity are prohibited. Be discreet while changing. 

Do you supply shower towels ? 

Yes we supply shower towels but not beach towels. Don't forget to bring your own with you.

What is the best season to go to Morocco ? 

Morocco has an exceptional climate with more than 300 days of sunshine per year, and the surf is amazing all year long. There are several surf spots in Imsouane, and no matter the season or weather, there are always good waves to surf.

Imsouane’s waves are famous worldwide. It is common to come across surfers from the other side of the planet on our spots, and sometimes pro surfers.


From October to April is the best time to visit us, it's the “Surf Season” in Morocco. The temperatures can vary between 16 and 28° Celsius during the day. Evenings can be cooler. The water temperature is between 17 and 22°C. It is the ideal season to enjoy the waves of the bay and the climate that made Morocco famous in the world. Get your bathing suit out of the closet, the summer goes on in Imsouane!


Between May and September, it is “summer” in Morocco. At this time of the year, waves have a medium to small size. Water temperature is between 20 and 25°C and the days are longer and sunny. Surf sessions are often in morning and evening to avoid the heat and thermic wind that can occurs during the hottest hours of the day. 









How far are the surf spots from Sandycamps ?

Sandycamps is slightly set back from the village, in a peaceful and lush nature, at just 5 minute walk from the first surf spots and village center. 

Should I pay an extra fee to have a single room ?

Yes there is an additional fee of 14€ per day or 98€ per week if you choose to book a single room. As we have a limited amount of private rooms, we recommend that you inform us in advance of your choice, so that we can check the availabilities. 

Can I come alone ?

Absolutely! About 50% of our clients travel on their own. It is one of Sandycamps advantages! Our camp is a friendly and chilled surf style Hostel where you will feel home instantaneously, and meet people with the same passions.

How old are the other participants ?

Most of Sandycamps’ clients have between 20 and 45 years old, but sometimes people over 45 also join us, of whom the spirit and dynamism have no equal, convincing us that the age is just a number.

What is the minimum age to come to Sandycamps ?

You must be at least 18 years old to stay on your own at Sandycamps. Teenagers and children are welcome at Sandycamps if they are accompanied by an adult who will be responsible for them during their entire stay. 

We would like to come as a couple, is it possible ?

Of course! Sandycamps is open to everyone, alone, as couples, in family or groups. It is the ideal place to spend your holidays, meet people from different horizons, chat and exchange. In parallel, Sandycamps is also big enough to find a quiet place to relax and hang out just the two of you. 

Is there a pharmacy in Imsouane ?

Yes, there is a pharmacy relatively well supplied in Imsouane, with most of the common products. 

Are there shops/stores in Imsouane ?

There are several small grocery stores in the village, selling everything you’ll need: water, sodas, bread, fruits, vegetables, biscuits, chocolate, and basic necessities. There are also several surf shops well supplied in the village, and a shaper.

You will only find alcoholic drinks (beer, wine, whiskey, etc.) at Sandycamps, at the bar-restaurant of our hostel. 

Do you serve alcohol during meals ?

Alcoholic beverages are not included in our packages. You can however order them at the bar of our hostel, at Sandycamps. It goes without saying that alcohol is forbidden under 18 years…

What kind of food are we going to eat ?

Food is delicious in Morocco. You will have the opportunity to taste wonderful tajines and fresh vegetables and fruits, as well as typical meals from the region.


All our packages include accommodation and full board with 3 meals per day. At breakfast, you will be served fresh bread, jams, honey, cheese, olive oil, amlou, eggs, warm milk, a glass of orange juice, coffee and mint tea.


At lunch and dinner, you will be served typical dishes from Morocco (tajines, couscous, etc.), and international dishes (pasta, paella, salads, etc.). As deserts, you will be able to choose between fruits of the season, homemade cakes or yogurts.

Drinks (sodas, smoothies and juices, coffee, etc.) are not included in our packages. 

Do you have vegetarian or vegan dishes / special diets ?

We will do our best to satisfy our vegetarian and vegan guests, as well as those will special diets (lactose or gluten free), to the extent possible, given that Imsouane is a small village and depending on the products that can be found in Morocco. Inform us of your needs in advance so we can arrange it if possible.

What is the program of the evenings ?

The evenings are free, and you can organize your own program. Do whatever makes you happy; relax in your room, enjoy the live music at the bar, read, watch a movie, have a drink with friends, play board games, chat, etc… The life in Imsouane follows the sun and the pace slows down as the evening comes. 

Can I rent Sandycamps facilities for an event ?

Of course! You can rent our facilities to arrange your event in Imsouane. We have a capacity of 50 people and more. We can arrange all the logistics for you, and we will do our best to meet your desires. Consult our “Groups” page for more information or send us an email at

Are pets allowed ?

Pets are allowed under certain conditions, detailed in our Terms and Conditions. Please contact us to make sure you can stay at Sandycamps.

surf questions

Is there a minimum level in surf to come to Sandycamps ?

You don’t need to know how to surf to join Sandycamps. There is no minimum level to join our courses. About half of our clients have never surfed before. We offer “beginner” courses for those who have never set foot on a surfboard.  

What type of waves am I going to surf during my stay ?

Please read our SURF page to know everything about the waves in Imsouane. 

Should I know how to swim to join a surf course at Sandycamps ?

You must mandatorily know how to swim to join our courses (or any surf lesson anywhere in the world). All surfers are not necessarily Olympic champions of course, but you do need to feel comfortable in the water and be able to swim. You will learn to surf in an area adapted for beginners and safe, where you can slowly get used to the ocean and waves. 

Is surfing a dangerous sport ?

All sports are dangerous if we don’t respect certain rules.

Our professional instructors will allow you to learn these rules while enjoying the surf, the safe way and determine the schedule for the surf lesson.

Is the surf equipment included in the packages (surfboards, wetsuits) ?

At Sandycamps, we have surfboards and wetsuits available for rent. Depending on the package you have chosen, this equipment is included during your stay (Sandypack & Freesurfer). Please see what's included in the package you have chosen, ask us through our website or directly at Sandycamps.  

We take good care of our surf equipment to provide you with the best quality product. When you rent/use the surf equipment, it's placed under your responsibility. You should give it back in the same state as you have received it. Any degradation will result in a repair that you should pay. If the surfboard is broken and becomes unusable, it should be reimbursed based on its original price when new. A security deposit of 100€ will be required before the start of your stay/rent.  

Can I change to another level during my stay ?

Of course. If you feel you are not in the right group/level, discuss it with the instructors and they will redirect you to a more suited one. 

Do I have to attend all surf lessons ?

Depending on your level of energy or motivation, you can choose to join the surf lesson or not. You can enjoy the beach and the sun, do some yoga or just relax at Sandycamps. 

Are there surf lessons every day ?

Surfing depends on the weather and swell. There are normally 5 days of surf lessons per week, with one day to relax in the middle of the week (usually on Wednesdays) to let your body rest a bit, in order to fully enjoy the waves the rest of your stay (and maybe visit Essaouira or Paradise Valley...). Unless there are absolutely no waves or a chaotic and dangerous ocean (which can happen), you will be able to surf every day.

What can we do on the day off ?

Usually, the day off is on Wednesday. This is also the day trip to discover Essaouira for 35€ per person, transport included.

what kind of surfboards do you have at sandycamps?

We have all kind of different sizes and surfboard shapes for every level. It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or intermediate surfer, we have the right board for you! Our surfboards are all made of high-quality epoxy or polyester resin. This means the best possible performance on the water.

What type of wetsuit do you recommend for Morocco ?

In general, the water temperature never drops under 16-17°C so you should feel perfectly at ease with the full 3/2 wetsuits we will provide you during your stay. 

yoga questions

I am a beginner in yoga, can I come anyway ? 

Of course! Our yoga classes are for all levels and you can join even if you have never done yoga before. Our experienced instructors teach all levels and will adapt to you. They will teach you the basics of yoga and present you this thousand years old practice. 

What type of yoga do you propose ?

Our instructors have combined their several years of experience and influences to create our yoga classes. The morning classes are dynamic to awaken the body with Hatha yoga and the evening classes are based on Yin yoga to relax and stretch your muscles. 

Is it mandatory to assist to all classes included in my package?

You can assist anytime you wish to our classes without any obligation, practice and progress at your own rhythm. 

Can I come alone ?

Yes of course ! Most of our participants travel on their own. Sandycamps has a friendly and warm atmosphere where people from all over the world meet, making you feel at home immediatly.

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