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As professionals of the tourism sector for many years, our priority is to ensure our customers' utter satisfaction. Our daily commitment, as well as our internal quality policy consider the following criteria:


- the quality of service and welcoming

- the quality of our equipment and infrastructures

- the quality of our coaching

- a pedagogical evolution adapted to our customer’s level

- to respect the environment in all our activities


Our packages are designed to make everyone feel good and personally cared for. Through diverse activities, our project aims at creating a community made of exchanges, sharing, discoveries, solidarity and happiness. It is important to us to guarantee this same level of satisfaction to our staff and partners, to provide a quality experience for all!

We do our best to offer competitive prices. Our goal is to make surf and yoga accessible and affordable.


Surf and yoga are activities that we practice close to or in the nature. It is most logical that Sandycamps' team works together to protect the environment we live in. To lead our activities every day in an environmentally friendly manner, to raise awareness of those around us and our clients to the beauty and fragility of nature, is our duty. We have adopted simple eco-friendly actions:


- water for the showers is heated with solar panels in Morocco

- we encourage our clients to save water in their daily use

- we save energy with low-energy bulbs

- we sort and recycle our wastes as much as possible

- we regularly organize beach clean-up operations

- fruits and vegetables are produced and bought locally

- we raise awareness among our guests and the wider public through panels on litter degradation and other human impact on the environment.


sustainable actions

Through small acts we can make a difference and contribute to preserve the PLANET

Morocco is blessed with more than 300 sunny days. At Sandycamps we use solar panels to generate 100% of the camp heated water.

We use 100% Led illumination in our camps because Led lights use between 75-80% less energy than a traditional one.

We use different containers to select and separate the waste produced. We also recycle plastic bottles and try to abolish them. 

Seasonal menus with local and organic ingredients whenever possible. All fruits and vegetables are produced and bought locally.

local community

At Sandycamps, we reallocate a part of our benefits in local businesses through our team’s and clients purchases, repairs and rents, thus having a positive impact on the local community and economy. Furthermore, we encourage our guests to bring with them items that they would like to give away, like clothes, books, magazines, surf equipment, etc. that we will redistribute locally. 

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