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general questions

where is sandycamps surf house ?

Sandycamps is in the quiet surf village of Baleal, 90 km north of Lisbon. We are 50 minutes drive from Lisbon Humberto Delgado International airport, and only few hours for most of European airports. It is the ideal surf destination all-year-long for a total change of scenery, 365 days of good to perfect waves. 

how do i get to sandycamps surf house ?

To get from Lisbon (the nearest airport) to Sandycamps, you have three options:


Bus: From Lisbon airport, go to the bus station "Sete Rios”. To get there, you can see the different public transport options on this website: From Sete Rios (Expressos), take a direct bus from the company Rede Expressos (around 9€ per way) to Peniche bus station. From Peniche bus station, you are 10 minutes by taxi to Sandycamps (8-10€), or 45 minutes walking. Here are a couple numbers, or more can be found on Google: Carlos: +351 919 943 021, VIP taxi Peniche: +351 917 296 771. It's important to book the taxi in advance, otherwise you might way too long. Overall count around 3 hours and 20€.


Rent a car: The main rental companies are located inside the airport. We often rent with "Guerin" because there are no hidden charges and the whole process of picking up/dropping off the car is quick and easy.


Taxi: You can take a taxi from Lisbon airport to Sandycamps. It is around 130€ and about a 1h10 drive. This is the contact of a taxi that speaks English, Luis: +351 919 943 021

Which airline company to choose ?

Many low-cost airline companies operate regular flights to Portugal. You'll find a lot of compagnies flying to Lisbon or Porto.

The flight tickets can be very cheap, although they vary with the seasons. We recommend you to consult booking websites like Skyscanner, Expedia, or search engines as DuckDuckGo, to find the best prices. 

when can i arrive ?

The arrival can be any day of the week.

at what time can i arrive ?

You can arrive any time of the day or night. Your room is ready from 14h and you will find your key on the door, inside. If you arrive early, you can leave your bags in the living room and start to enjoy the house, kitchen, shared bathroom, etc. If you arrive later, we will send you all the information you need to get to your room.

at what time is the check out ?

You can stay in your room until 11 am. Please leave the towels on the floor and your key on the door. You are welcome to stay longer in the Surf House if you’d like. Leave your bags in the living room, and keep enjoying the house until you leave.

Do I need a visa to come to portugal ?

EU citizens don't need a visa to come to Portugal. You only need your passport or ID.

For other countries you can have a look here 

Do I need an insurance ?

We do not insure you during your stay at Sandycamps. Any person booking a stay at Sandycamps must subscribe to a travel insurance and a civil liability that covers the entire duration of the stay, travels and medical care, before the arrival and until the return.

By booking a stay with us, you acknowledge that you have personally subscribed to an insurance covering your travel/medical care/accidents and a civil liability for the entire duration of your stay. We shall not be held accountable in any way, and will not accept any responsibility or any obligation for the loss or deterioration of personal belongings, financial loss, accident, disease, fault, delay or prejudice to yourself or a third party, occurring on your way to SANDYCAMPS, during your stay, and your return. Tip : World Nomads

Can I come with my family and children ? 

Childrens over 8 years old are welcome at Sandycamps Surf House in Portugal. They nevertheless remain under the sole responsibility of their parents, who must look after them during the entire stay. 
All children's equipment must be brought by parents, as Sandycamps is not equipped to do so.

Can I use my mobile phone in portugal ?

Almost all European telephone operators have partners in Portugal. Before your departure, we recommend checking or contacting your operator to have all the necessary information and pricing policies applied abroad to avoid bad surprises back home. 

can i connect to internet/wifi and where ?

We have a very good high speed internet connection in the Surf House.

What are the electrical outlets and voltage in portugal ?

We use 220-Volts outlets with European standard power sockets, type C.

Do you supply shower towels ?

Yes we supply shower towels but not beach towels. Don't forget to bring your own with you.

How far are the surf spots from Sandycamps ?

Sandycamps is next to the main beach of Baleal, just 3 minute walk from the sandy dunes and nice waves.

Should I pay an extra fee to have a single room ?

We have twin and double rooms. If you're travelling alone and want privacy, the single room supplement is 30€/night.

i'm a solo traveler

Sandycamps Surf House is a friendly and chilled Surf Hostel where you will feel home instantaneously, and meet like minded travelers and surfers.

Is there a pharmacy close to the surf house ?

is there a store close to the Surf house to buy groceries ?

Yes, there is a small supermarket only 3 minute walk from the Surf House. 
It's here:

If you have a car, you can also go to Peniche where there are some big supermarkets (Lidl, Aldi, Continente, Pingo Doce, Intermarché,...)

is there a surf shop close to the surf house ?

Yes, there is a nice surf shop at 2 minute walk from Sandycamps Surf House.   
It's here:

can you recommend bars and restaurant around ?

Yes, you can chack our maps of Peniche and Baleal for restaurants, bars, supermarkets and more recommendations here:

Restaurants Baleal.jpg

do i need a car ?

Within a radius of 100 to 500 meters from the Surf House, you'll find restaurants, beach bars and cafés, surf shops, ATMs, a mini-market, a bakery, and of course the beach just a few steps away with its many surf spots. So everything during your stay can be done on foot. To go further and explore the surrounding area (Obidos, Nazaré, etc.), it's possible to take a taxi, although a car is more practical (if you don't rent at the airport, you can do so by the day with the Ferrel agency - next to super lagide supermarket - or those of Peniche). Unfortunately, public transport is not yet very well developed for tourism. We'll be delighted to give you more information and advice on the spot, according to your wishes.

where can i park my car ?

You will find many free parking spots on the side of the house. Please DO NOT park in front of the surf house gate, or in front of any neighbour house in our street. These are private parking spots.

are pets allowed ?

Pets are not allowed at the Surf House to preserve the other's guests peace and potential allergies.

is there a laundry close to the Surf House ?

Yes there is one few meters from the Surf House.
It's here:


surf questions

how can i book a surf lesson ?

You can scan the QR code above the lessons prices in the garden and follow the steps of the booking system. After your payment we will send you a confirmation email.

how can i rent a surfboard and wetsuit ?

You can scan the QR code above the surf rental prices in the garden and follow the steps of the booking system. After your payment we will give you the surfboard of your choice and a wetsuit.

Do I need to know how to surf to come to Sandycamps ?

You don’t need to know how to surf to join Sandycamps. There is no minimum level to join our courses. About half of our clients have never surfed before. We offer “beginner” courses for those who have never set foot on a surfboard.  

What type of waves am I going to surf during my stay ?

There is more than 30 surf spots around the surf house and in the area of Peniche and Baleal. You will find small easy beginner waves or powerful hollow waves for advanced surfers. 

Should I know how to swim to join a surf course at Sandycamps ?

You must mandatorily know how to swim to join our courses (or any surf lesson anywhere in the world). All surfers are not necessarily Olympic champions of course, but you do need to feel comfortable in the water and be able to swim. You will learn to surf in an area adapted to you level, where you can slowly get used to the ocean and waves. 

Is surfing a dangerous sport ?

Surfing can be dangerous for yourself and others if you don’t respect certain rules.

Our professional instructors will teach you all the safety rules and assist you while during the surf lesson. They will also tell you the right schedule for the surf lesson regarding your level, the tide, the wind and the size of the waves.

Is the surf equipment included during the lessons (surfboards and wetsuits) ?

Yes surfboard and wetsuits are included in the surf lesson prices.

Can I change to another level during my stay ?

Of course. If you feel you are not in the right group/level, discuss it with the instructors and they will redirect you to a more suited one. 

how much is a surf lessons ?

1 surf lesson is 35 Euros. A pack of 5 lessons is 165 Euros

Are there surf lessons every day ?

Yes we offer surf lessons every day at 9:30 am - and 3:30 pm

what kind of surfboards do you have at sandycamps ?

We have all kind of different sizes and surfboard shapes for every level. It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or intermediate surfer, we have the right board for you! We have soft and epoxy surfboard of all sizes and shapes.

What type of wetsuit do you recommend for portugal ?

From May to November a 3/2 mm wetsuit and the rest of the year a 4/3 or 5/3 is recommended. 

yoga questions

I am beginner in yoga, can I try anyway ? 

Of course! Our yoga classes are for all levels and you can join even if you have never done yoga before. Our experienced instructor teach all levels and will adapt to you. 

what's the price of a yoga lesson ? 

1 lesson of 1 hour is 15 Euros (minimum 3 people booking the lesson)

Private lessons are also possible for 1 person at 40€ or 2 people at 20€ per person

What type of yoga do you offer ?

Usually the morning classe is dynamic to awaken the body and the evening classes are based on Yin yoga to relax and stretch your muscles. 

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