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Since the start, Sandycamps has been founded to be more than just a simple surf & yoga camp in Morocco. We are a team of passionate professionals. We believe that an authentic lifestyle, combining both surf and yoga, in a natural environment, triggers deep and unforgettable emotions in the life of our guests. Our ambition is to become the meeting ground of those searching for a stimulating and positive life, out of the beaten paths. 

our mission

Thanks to our dedicated team who chose surf and yoga as a lifestyle, we share with you these activities and our passion, to provide you with the best possible experiences. 

a professional service

With 20 years of experience in tourism and the surf industry, we provide you with a customized and professional service, by a young, dynamic and qualified team.  

 Through our expertise and experience, we want to facilitate and simplify your stay by offering all the essential services that will make your holidays unforgettable.

Why surf and yoga ?

We are passionate about surf and yoga. We sincerely think surf and yoga go hand in hand. Yoga has proven to be beneficial to the surf practice, a lot. Surfing offers an amazing experience in harmony with nature while yoga gives you the right tools to prepare and feel in tune with your body. 

our team members


our commitments

Surf and yoga are activities we practice surrounded by or in the midst of nature. It is therefore logical for Sandycamps' team to make every effort to protect this environment.

To carry out our activities every day in an environmentally friendly a manner, raise awareness of our surroundings and guests to the beauty and fragility of this nature, is our duty.

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