YOGA for everyone


Our yoga classes are adapted to everyone. No previous experience is needed to participate.

If you practice yoga on a regular basis, our classes will allow you to improve your knowledge and skills. For those who never tried yoga before, this is the perfect opportunity for you to discover a new rhythm, beneficial for the body and mind.

Our yoga classes are taught by passionate and inspiring instructors, accredited either by the Yoga Alliance or the International Yoga Federation. They are eager to share with you their passion for yoga, either during collective classes in the mornings and evenings, or during smaller private groups during the day. 

Unwind and forget the strains of daily life with our yoga classes, and immerse yourself in this millennial practice to restore the harmony between yourself and your environment.

Our yoga instructors teach two collective yoga classes per day, one at dawn and one at sunset.

The morning classes will sculp your body, build your muscle strenght and increase your tonus. In the evening, you will relax and meditate as the sun goes down, stretch and relieve your muscles. 



Surfing improves your stamina and body strength. Surfers that regularly practice yoga are more flexible and agile, thus less likely to suffer injuries. 


The yoga practice will prepare your body for surfing, better your proprioception and conscious of your body. The asanas (postures) help to recover from a long surf session, releasing you from body aches and fatigue.

combine surf and yoga

The surf and yoga are much more than just activities or sports. These are lifestyles that complement each other perfectly, practiced by millions of adepts around the world.


The combination of surf and yoga will allow you to improve your flexibility, balance, breathing, tonus, sculpt your body and increase your stamina, as well as disconnecting your mind from the outside world thanks to meditation and relaxation.


Surfing reduces your stress, develops the strength improves the quality of your sleep and tonus, and improves your quality of life in general.


With our packages, you will be able to associate the surf and yoga practice to combine physical activities with relaxation. Have a look at our full board all inclusive SANDYPACK Package!

our yoga teacher

Imsouane surf camp

Imsouane surf camp

Imsouane surf camp

Imsouane surf camp

Imsouane surf camp

Imsouane surf camp


Hi! My name is Rohima and since February 2017 I’m traveling the world and spreading love and light while teaching yoga and just be. In 2013 I started with yoga practice and this has helped me to grow to the woman I have become today. My aim is to spread this with all human beings around the world and to learn more wherever I might be. 


The Yoga classes will perfectly compliment your surfers body, but also suit you well as a non surfer. Meditation and workshops will help you deepen your practice.
Morocco is my base for now and I hope I can help you feeling home too. I am looking forward to getting to know you - here and within.



yoga lesson prices


Our yoga instructor gives group classes accessible to all levels and for all yoga enthusiasts every day,

from 7:00am to 22:00pm.


Private lessons are available all day long. Book on site.

group lessons

private lessons

1 hour


6 hours


1 hour


6 hours


morning lessons - 7:00 AM

Inspired from Hatha-Yoga, the morning classes encourage you to listen to your body, combining your breathing with fluid sequences of postures (asanas), in order to improve your flexibility, strenghten your joints, reduce your stress, while developing your balance and eliminating toxines.

afternoon lessons - 7:00 PM

The evening classes are inspired from Yin Yoga, a smooth type of yoga, ideal to deeply relax, empty your mind and let your energy flow freely throughout your body, using slow and profound breathing exercises, stretching and long lasting postures (asanas).

private lessons - 25€ / 1h

For those who would like to practice more, extra classes are available during the day upon demand, with a generally reduced number of participants. During these classes, our instructors will work in depth with you on the enhancement of your asanas (postures) and will guide you towards technics adapted to your needs. 


Maximum 4 person / class

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