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Imsouane is a dream destination for surfing. Its orientation offers different types of waves, working with all swell directions. But it is first and foremost its bay, sheltering the longest wave of Morocco, that made Imsouane famous.


There is a surf spot for every level in Imsouane. Its topography offer 4 distinct surf spots:


- The amazing bay with an endless right-hander wave. Starting at the harbor’s jetty, it can break on 500 meters on its best days.

- The cathedral’s right-hander wave, that can get powerful with big swells, is ideal for thrill seekers.

- The right and left of the Oued: beachbreak that sometimes connects with the end of the Cathedral wave.

- The reef left-hander wave: shallow and technical on big swells, it stays ideal when the waves are small to train in more shallow conditions.


The ocean floor is mostly made of sand, only the reef wave breaks on rocks. The reef and cathedral spots offer more technical waves, attracting intermediate surfers and higher.

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Famous worldwide, Imsouane’s bay needs no introduction. It wave is ideal for everyone, whether you are a beginner, intermediate or an expert. With its different sections, the wave can break on 800 meters, from the harbor’s jetty until the beach further down, when the right tide and swell meet. With its sandy bottom, the bay is the best place in Morocco to learn and improve your surfing skills.


Even with big swells, the bay offers a quiet and easy wave for everybody. Protected by the harbor’s jetty from big waves, the spot benefits of a special environment, creating small and smooth waves you will enjoy all day long.

The Reef is a left-hander wave breaking just in front of the central place of Imsouane. It breaks on a rocky hollow bottom. With small swells, this wave is accessible to all surfers, from beginners to advanced.

When the swell is bigger, it becomes hollow and powerful and withstand waves up to 2.5 meters.

This wave can get really fun with a medium swell (1 to 2m), where advanced surfers perform radical manœuvres in the shallow sections. 

The cathedral is an amazing right-hander wave that can withstand swells up to 3 meters. More technical than the bay, this is full of power. It is however accessible to all levels when the waves are small and offers long rides to practice your manoeuvres.


With bigger waves, the cathedral reveals its potential, and only intermediate to advanced surfers can take on its power. 

The 'Oued' spot (Oued means river in Moroccan) is a right and left beach-break, which breaks on a sandy bottom, in front of the river mouth of Imsouane.

Facing very nice colorful fisherman houses, this 'A-frame' wave is a fun and easy wave for all levels. Protected by the cliff of the Cathedral it offers good surfing conditions and can be 'the place to be' on windy days.

On small swells, this easy-to-surf spot is the right place to practice for beginners and the best playground to catch your first green waves.

our surf lessons

Our surf lessons are provided by qualified professional instructors, guaranteeing you the best quality of teaching, in a relaxed and fun atmosphere for an amazing surfing experience. Our lessons are scheduled according to the tides, wave conditions and level of the participants. You will mainly practice during our surf lessons, and learn some

theory. We try to maximize the time you will spend surfing to foster a faster progression and offer you more pleasure. The surf lessons are on two half-day basis with two hours of surf lessons in the morning and supervised surfing in the afternoon. The rent of the surf equipment (boards and wetsuits) is included during the surf lessons. 

our head surf instructor


James is a positive and enthusiastic person, hungry for surf, music, life and to meet people from all over the world. 

As a surf instructor, James is really dedicated, have excellent knowledge and he always strive to give the guests a fun, supportive atmosphere and great experience.

Sharing the feeling of surfing always with a big smile is his belief, because in the end the best surfer is the one having more fun!


our priorities

qualified instructors

Our instructors are carefully selected according to their qualifications and degrees. In addition to their surf degree, they are qualified as lifeguards.

surf in small groups

To offer you an optimal surfing experience, an individual care and security when surfing, we make small groups of the same level, of 8 participants maximum.

equipment of quality

We provide for each surf lesson a wetsuit and surfboard adapted to the participant’s level. We take good care of this equipment to guarantee the best quality, a better learning, more fun and a good safety.


Learning some surf theory is essential for a good surf session. It will give you the right tools to evaluate the conditions in which you will be surfing (the tides, swells, currents, weather,...).



Every day, our instructors will choose, according to the weather conditions, the best spot for the participants, adapted to their level, to surf in good and safe conditions.


On the surf spot, the instructor will present or remind you the safety and priority rules, as well as the activities of the day. 


To avoid any injury, there will be a warm-up session with stretching before each surf lesson starts. 

we included in every surf lesson 

Observation and understanding of the surf spot and weather conditions (wave height, tide, currents...)

A reminder of security and priority rules

A warm-up session with stretching

Hands-on demonstrations by the instructor 

And of course a lot of surfing with a maximum of time spent in the water

surf lessons

half day

- 2 hour surf lesson

- qualified surf instructors

- surf spot adapted to your level

- warm up session & stretching

- all surf material included

25€ / person

full day

- 4 hours of surfing*

- qualified surf instructors

- surf spot adapted to your level

- warm up session & stretching

- all surf material included

40€ / person

* 2 hours of surf lesson + 2 hours of guided surfing

5 days

- 5 day of surfing (4 hour/day*)

- qualified surf instructors

- surf spot adapted to your level

- warm up session & stretching

- all surf material included

100€ / person

* 2 hours of surf lesson + 2 hours of guided surfing

surf equipment rental

half day

surfboards 5 to 9ft




1 day






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